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Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Board of Directors
Comprises four independent non-executive directors
Board meetings
Held Quarterly. The Board visits India once annually
Investment, Audit, Remuneration
Risk Assessment and Management
Overall responsibility of the Board. Risk register in place
External Audit – Currently Group IFRS audit by KPMG and local statutory audit by Ernst & Young
Internal - Bi-annual internal audit in India
Secretarial / Administration – Polakis & Sarris (Cyprus), Board Room (Singapore)
Legal – Simmons & Simmons LLP (UK), Allen & Gledhill (Singapore), M/s. Federal & Rashmikant (India)
Tax - G.M. Kapadia & Co. (India), BMG Associates (India), Ernst & Young
Annual audited consolidated IFRS statements to shareholders
Quarterly investor reports to shareholders
Shareholder Value Creation
Asset Manager interests aligned with that of those of the Shareholders via the Asset Management Agreement
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